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AccStar Integrated Accounting System 100% C# .NET Framework Technology
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Welcome to AccStar

AccStar is a neat-simple-but-powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured ERP system. AccStar simplifies your business operation regardless of the business size. AccStar can gernerate financial reports with over 20 million records in a few seconds.

AccStar provides a robust feature set designed to meet even the most demanding processing needs. With powerful analysis, reporting and customization.


AccStar including  General Ledger  Purchase Orders  Order Entry  Accounts Receivable  Accounts Payable  Banking  Fixed Asset  Manufacturing and Payroll



  • Dual language, can be any language supported by windows. Add new language easily.

  • Support Right to Left language such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi

  • Manage serial number, lot number, two unit of measure, color and size stocks.

  • User friendly, one navigation for every windows.

  • No locked-popup windows.

  • Flexible account structure, with unlimited sub account.

  • Unlimited price level, last price on each customer also support

  • Sales Commission with vary conditions.

  • Cancel posted Purchase order or Sales orders.

  • Petty Cash Control.

  • Multicurrency support. Currency Revaluation at month-end or year-end. 

  • Flexible on importing expenses allocation for imported goods.

  • Support Barcodes

  • Handling Items Repairing and Changes effectively.

  • Integrated Payroll, all advances to employees can easily deduct directly from their salary payment.

  • Online and Offline with Head Office.

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AccStar Inventory System Professional version
((Microsoft SQL or ProstgreSQL database) Exclude Account module

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AccStar Integrated Accounting System Professional version
( Microsoft SQL or ProstgreSQL database)

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AccStar Integrated Accounting System Enterprise version
(With Manufacturing) ( Microsoft SQL, or ProstgreSQL database)

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General Ledger   Purchase Orders   Order Entry    Accounts Receivable    Accounts Payable   Banking   Fixed Asset   Manufacturing
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